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From: Chris B
Date: 14 Apr 2008 07:44:01
Message: <48034381@news.povray.org>
"Russell Towle" <rto### [at] inreachcom> wrote in message 
> Hey,
> The library is a great idea. However ...
> After my third failure to upload my star polygon macro, I am frustrated.
> Apparently, one has to supply empty text files, one of which has to do 
> with
> non-existent prerequisites?
> Apparently, everyone in the world uses Windows? No, that is not true. But 
> this
> library blithely assumes so.

Hi Russell,

The submissions page is intended to work on non-Windows platforms, although 
I only have Windows to test it on myself. Yours is the first complaint I've 
seen that it doesn't work on other operating systems (though I'd be suprised 
if it worked on any EBCDIC OS's :-)). What OS are you on?

The submission page does require Javascript to be switched on because it 
does a lot of real-time validation aimed at providing step-by-step guidance 
to those submitting stuff. The submit button isn't activated until it stands 
at least some chance of passing the more stringent server-side validation.

If anyone discovers issues on any platform I'd be happy to look at them (no 
promises that I'll be able to fix them for all platforms and varieties of 
browser), but I'd need a fair bit of detail about the problem and about 
which platform and browser the problem is encountered on. I also may need a 
bit of dialogue to be able to understand the cause of the problem, to work 
out potential fixes and to establish whether any modifications I apply 
actually solve the problem, particularly if I can't replicate the problem 

The page should never require empty text files to be supplied and, as Warp 
mentioned, the prerequisites field is not mandatory. The 'Description' and 
'Keywords' fields are mandatory, but you should be able to just type stuff 
into these fields.

The text file option on the 'Description',  'Keywords' and 'Prerequisites' 
fields should just provide an alternative way of loading text into those 
fields, enabling you to prepare the text in advance of going online to 
submit something. This is intended to encourage people to put a fair bit of 
thought into the text they enter to help people find things and to make 
better informed choices about whether what they've found is going to do what 
they want.

Chris B.

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