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  Re: New (Experimental) Index Page  
From: Chris B
Date: 9 Apr 2008 08:12:34
Message: <47fcb2b2$1@news.povray.org>
"Charles C" <"nospam a nospam.com"> wrote in message 
> Chris,
> I'm liking the ability to see more entries all at once!  Seeing all the 
> categories on the left is great too.  Selecting 50% scaling does a nice 
> job on Firefox in Windows. (Note, I'm also at 1024x768).  I do find the 
> small icons intuitive - i for information, a magnifier for a larger view 
> and a  downward pointing arrow for download all seem pretty standard to 
> me.

ok. Thanks for the feedback.

> Right now clicking on the thumbnail seems to do the same thing as one of 
> the icons - specifically the download button.  Minor changes I think might 
> be nice would be to change the function of the "i" icon to bring up a 
> separate smaller pop-up window (did I say that?) with the full size 
> thumbnail and description and another download link.

At the moment it brings up that information by specifying a 'target', so IE 
puts it into a separate window and Firefox opens it in a new tab (can anyone 
tell me what Opera etc. does with it). Do you think it would be better to 
show a sort of overlay on the same page? This may be possible with some CSS 
jiggery pockery rather than resorting to JavaScript (I'm trying to make this 
view JavaScript-free).

> That and maybe change the function of clicking on the original thumbnail 
> to bringing up something like the full size image in the same window 
> captioned with the description and another download link.  This way 
> everything you click gets a slightly different result to fit more tastes.

I may be able to use CSS to bring up an overlay when the mouse pointer is 
hovered over a thumbnail, but without JavaScript it might be difficult to 
control the position so that it stays in the visible part of the screen. I'm 
also not sure how well other (e.g older) browsers and other platforms handle 
that sort of thing. I'll dig into the manuals.

> I do get the over-written text if I list with text, similar to Warp's 
> screenshot.

ok. I think I've nailed that one now if you'd like to double check that for 

Chris B.

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