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  Re: Suggestion  
From: Chris B
Date: 15 Mar 2008 19:04:40
Message: <47dc6418$1@news.povray.org>

>> There are still quite a few object in the
>> collection at http://objects.povworld.org
>> Would it be possible to merge the two, since
>> that collection hasn't been updated
>> since 2003?
>> Just a suggestion.
> I think that can't be done without permission
> from the authors of each object.

That's right. I believe that to re-use anything from objects.povworld.org 
would need that authors permission. Indeed much of the thinking behind this 
collection at lib.povray.org was to create something with a clear, 
consistent and very open license that would help avoid that sort of problem 
in the future.

If any of the contributors to objects.povworld.org would be prepared to give 
their consent for objects to be reused under the terms of the license 
governing the lib.povray.org object collection, then please make contact.

The lib.povray.org site is also designed to be largely automatic, avoiding 
the problem of objects.povworld.org which was moderated and therefore 
effectively stagnated when the moderator stopped processing new submissions.

>> Also, I'd be willing to submit my Christmas
>> Ornament bulb model and my LED
>> display macros, if anybody were interested...

Yes. That would be very welcome. You may need to do a small amount of rework 
so that all of the files and exposed named elements (like variables, macros, 
etc.) start with the same prefix. Otherwise you just need to register to 
submit objects, which takes a few minutes.

Chris B.

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