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  Re: The server destroys filename case  
From: Chris B
Date: 13 Mar 2008 03:38:37
Message: <47d8e80d@news.povray.org>
"Warp" <war### [at] tagpovrayorg> wrote in message 
>  I just noticed that when the object collection server creates the
> zip package from a submission, it converts all filenames to lowercase.
>  This is a problem in systems where the case of file name characters
> matters (such as linux/unix). If one file #includes another, and that
> another file is supposed to have uppercase letters, it won't work.
> (For example, if it's #include "AnotherFile.inc" but the server has
> converted it to anotherfile.inc, an error will happen when trying to
> render this file.)
>  I just submitted an include file called WarpChess.inc, and an example
> file which does #include "WarpChess.inc", and it naturally won't work
> if the file is warpchess.inc instead. Not good.
>  (Clearly the zip file and the scripts used support uppercase letters,
> as there are files included in the zip package such as Versions944691.js.)
> -- 
>                                                          - Warp

Hi Warp,

The upload scripts I wrote do convert all filenames to lowercase. The server 
is case sensitive and I did this to overcome the problem of it finding 
graphics, html and other files that it needs to be able to easily identify. 
On the other hand it doesn't really need to identify include files in this 
way as it doesn't display them on the site.

As a fix for now I've therefore been through and renamed the include files 
back to mixed case for all of the objects on the site that refer to a mixed 
case name from the sample scene file. In the longer term I can adjust the 
code to upload just the include files as-is without changing the case, but 
this won't of course resolve all issues because anything developed on an 
operating system that isn't fussy could still easily contain 

It would be helpful if people could use all lower case names for include 
files until a better solution is available. Alternatively I can quickly 
adjust the name once it's up on the site.

Chris B.

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