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  Re: My Office...  
From: Chris B
Date: 3 Feb 2008 16:30:02
Message: <47a6325a$1@news.povray.org>
"Nicolas Alvarez" <nic### [at] gmailisthebestcom> wrote in message 

>> Nicolas Alvarez wrote:

>>>> (no point in putting in something that can be modeled in 5 minutes...)
>>> There is a point actually. I could post a quick-n-dirty model that I did 
>>> in 5 minutes. Other people could use it as a base to make it more 
>>> complex, detailed, and flexible. If individuals post complete and 
>>> finished models only, it's not as much of a community effort...
>> Good point, but only for a WIP collection.
>> I don't want this to become a collection of half-baked models
> They can keep baking for a while. Once they are more complete and not 
> "half-baked", *then* they can go to the collection.

I think there are two different levels of collaboration that we're talking 
about here.

If you want to collaborate on the creation of a single object then you can 
do that along with others through the news groups and/or through a web page 
if you want to set that up to manage the task.

On the other hand. To assemble a bundle of objects it's probably excessive 
to expect the person bundling the objects together to also manage incomplete 
objects. It's going to be touch enough taking objects from different people 
and giving them a basic degree of consistency.

These two levels of collaboration can work just fine together or separately. 
If you want to manage collaboration on an individual object you can then 
submit tested and documented versions either to Ben's bundle (if it seems 
consistent with the theme), or directly to the object collection.

Chris B.

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