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  Re: My Office...  
From: Nicolas Alvarez
Date: 3 Feb 2008 15:58:57
Message: <47a62b11@news.povray.org>

> Nicolas Alvarez wrote:

>>> (no point in putting in something that can be modeled in 5 minutes...)
>> There is a point actually. I could post a quick-n-dirty model that I 
>> did in 5 minutes. Other people could use it as a base to make it more 
>> complex, detailed, and flexible. If individuals post complete and 
>> finished models only, it's not as much of a community effort...
> Good point, but only for a WIP collection.
> I don't want this to become a collection of half-baked models

They can keep baking for a while. Once they are more complete and not 
"half-baked", *then* they can go to the collection.

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