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  Re: Contribution Drive?  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 20 Jan 2008 13:11:49
Message: <47938ee5$1@news.povray.org>
Chambers wrote:
> nemesis wrote:
>> Chambers <ben### [at] pacificwebguycom> wrote:
>>> So, I would like to try an experiment: A group collaboration.  We'll
>>> pick a topic (probably something like "tables" or "chairs" or even
>>> "writing utensils"), and several people will each contribute one or two
>>> items to it.  The result will be published on the library site under a
>>> group credit.  If we like the results, we can continue to do such
>>> collections to help beef up our library.
>>> But before I run off all gung-ho, is anyone else interested in trying
>>> this with me?
>> this sounds a lot of fun!  A contest with no winners, really. It could
>> definitely boost the povray object collection.  I'm in!
>> To make it more interesting, how about adding the objects to a scene?  
>> We begin
>> with a basic scene with no objects -- say, a restroom -- and people begin
>> adding chairs, tables, decorative stuff on tables put there by other 
>> users,
>> etc...
> Sure, but the point is really just to add more (and more useful) things 
> to the object collection.
> We could do a variety of shoes, for instance - or anything that goes in 
> a bathroom.  We could do types of trees, or plants from an herb garden.
> As long as
> a) the objects are varied enough that you'll (probably) find something 
> useful for your scene, and
> b) the objects are detailed enough that it's not easier to just make 
> your own,
> then we should be good.
Yeah, both approaches have potential but I agree with you that a narrow 
focus is the best place to start.  Then see if the broad focus approach 
would work.

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