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  Contribution Drive?  
From: Chambers
Date: 19 Jan 2008 15:58:41
Message: <47926481$1@news.povray.org>
One of the problems I've noticed with object downloads is that, for 
simple objects, its often easier to make it myself using CSG while, for 
complex objects, the object doesn't quite fit my needs.

Really, what I would like are collections of themed objects, each of 
which is non-trivial (ie, it would take more than half an hour of coding 
to create), and with enough variety that I could find something in there 
to fit my needs.

Naturally, I have no time to create such collections.  I'm fairly 
certain that most people on this NG don't have the time to create a 
complete collection, either.

So, I would like to try an experiment: A group collaboration.  We'll 
pick a topic (probably something like "tables" or "chairs" or even 
"writing utensils"), and several people will each contribute one or two 
items to it.  The result will be published on the library site under a 
group credit.  If we like the results, we can continue to do such 
collections to help beef up our library.

But before I run off all gung-ho, is anyone else interested in trying 
this with me?

...Ben Chambers

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