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  Re: Farmland  
From: Chris B
Date: 30 Oct 2007 10:14:16
Message: <47274a48@news.povray.org>
"Charles C" <"nospam a nospam.com"> wrote in message 
> Charles C wrote:
>> Who's going to write up some nice farmland for the collection?  :-)
> Oh well, here's to wishing....  <cheers> ;-)
> Charles

Hi Charles,
I very much liked your idea of a collaborative project to encourage 
contribution to the collection.

I found the theme of 'farmland' quite problematic though because it doesn't 
conjure up any single coherent image in my mind. Different farmland 
locations and objects from around the world could be difficult to place 
together in a single scene without seeming out of place. Also, it occurred 
to me that with any big open space, it could be difficult to get lighting 
settings that show off every item to its best.

If you're open to alternative ideas, then how about an environment where 
international items of very different origins could sit alongside each other 
and where each item could be lit to best show off it's features. Does anyone 
have anything we could use as a museum? Otherwise we could just build a 
simple sequence of differently sized interior spaces from a set of white 
boxes with CSG alcoves and niches and assign a theme to each room. Objects 
could then either be fixed on the walls, placed free-standing on the floor 
or mounted on podiums or in display cases. A basic level of room lighting 
could be established, but individual exhibits could also be spotlit. Labels 
and information plates to credit the object designer would also be in 

One exhibition could be 'farming', with a room full of farm tools and models 
of farm buildings. You could even have farmland scenes as pictures on the 
walls. I kinow it's not the same, but what d'you think?

Chris B.

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