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  Re: I think I'm having trouble with underscores.  
From: Chris B
Date: 14 Oct 2007 20:00:12
Message: <4712ad8c$1@news.povray.org>
Hi Charles,

"Charles C" <nomail@nomail> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> The other day I tried to upload a file to the collection 
> "scale_convert.inc"
> containing a macro named "Scale_Convert()".  I did not use a prefix, so 
> that
> meant that, if I understand things correctly, the file name before the "."
> and the contribution-name needed to match.  That's where there was a snag.
> It looks like an "_" is not considered a valid character in the
> contribution-name field.  So to get around this, I renamed my contribution
> "scale-convert" and the file-name likewise.

Yes. If you choose not to use a prefix, then the file names, macro names and 
anything else exposed to the scene file using the include file needs to 
start with the contribution name. If there's anything more to the name you 
can use an underscore character to separate the contribution name and the 
rest of the name. Because the underscore is used to separate the 
contribution name from the rest of the name you mustn't use underscores in 
the contribution name itself. I've actually removed the '-' from the 
permitted characters too, as this can't be used in macro names, variable 
names etc. The permitted characters for the different fields are listed in 
the users guide at 

I've zipped up a copy of the files you submitted having renamed the files, 
macros and exposed variables based on a contribution name of 'ScaleConvert'. 
I've added a scene file that illustrates the macro and a thumbnail that you 
may consider suitable for display on the search results (or you may be able 
to come up with something more imaginative). I'll email a copy to the 
address you gave during registration. If you'd like to check that you're 
happy with the files then resubmit them using a contribution name of 
'ScaleConvert', it should work now. I've included the description and 
keywords that you entered within text files in the zip file. You can pull 
those texts into the submission form using the Browse buttons (I've made a 
few typographical changes to the description).

> I also got some kind of an sql error message, apparently/possibly related 
> to
> where I used quotation marks in my description.  I'm not sure.  I have the
> exact error message copied down at home, but right now I am not at home.*
> If it would be useful I can try to email it to myself and get it posted
> here in the next day or so.

I was able to replicate this error and it was indeed to do with the quotes. 
I've fixed the problem on the server and removed the bits that were saved on 
the first attempt, which resulted in the error you got when you tried to 
resubmit. You should be able to resubmit now without such errors.

> I wasn't sure that the system took the submission, so I tried again, still
> with the "-" instead of an "_" but I got an error that the entry name has
> already been taken.  Any help sorting this out would be appreciated.
> Charles

Chris B.

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