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  Re: Thumbnail. How to?  
From: Chris B
Date: 14 Oct 2007 14:44:48
Message: <471263a0@news.povray.org>
"Thomas de Groot" <t.d### [at] internlDOTnet> wrote in message 
>I uploaded a macro to the collection, including two images, one of which is 
>supposed to be the thumbnail. However, it does not appear. I am at a loss 
>to find out how to do that correctly. I may have overlooked the topic in 
>the help document though. Why not make a separate upload field for 
>thumbnail and larger version?
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

This thumbnail problem was my fault. The thumbnail you submitted 
('hfcs_thumbnail.png') has a perfectly valid name but I'd forgotten to make 
the application search for thumbnails using the optional prefix. That 
problem has now been rectified, so the thumbnail now displays correctly on 
the search page. The rule for the thumbnail to appear on the search page is 
that it must be just the contribution name/prefix name followed by 
'_thumbnail' and the file type for the thumbnail image file (jpg, jpeg, jpe, 
gif or png).

The larger image was called 'hfcs_example.png' whereas it needs to be just 
'hfcs.png' to be automatically hyperlinked from the thumbnail, so I've 
renamed it to 'hfcs.png'. The rule for getting the thumbnail to hyperlink to 
a larger image is that the larger image must be just the contribution 
name/prefix name followed by the file type for the larger image file (jpg, 
jpeg, jpe, gif or png).

The naming is covered in the help at 
http://lib.povray.org/usersguide/04contributing.html#prep under the heading 
'Files that you should submit'. I'll try to make that section a little 
clearer, but I'll also try to make the submission screen a bit more helpful 
on this with a warning message as suggested by Warp on povray.general.

Chris B.

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