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From: Chris B
Date: 9 Oct 2007 05:15:55
Message: <470b46cb$1@news.povray.org>
Welcome to the povray.object-collection newsgroup. This newsgroup has been 
set up to support discussions about the POV-Ray Object Collection web site 
which is now live at http://lib.povray.org. The web site stores POV-Ray and 
Moray objects contributed by the community under the Creative Commons LGPL 
license to allow royalty free use, modification and redistribution.

The search and download functions are open to the general public, so anyone 
can download objects from the web site. On the other hand, in order for you 
to contribute to the collection or provide feedback on objects you will 
first need to register yourself and obtain a userid and password. This only 
takes a few minutes using the registration form at 
http://lib.povray.org/members/register/, but requires that you already have 
a valid email address somewhere. Please take the time to register and to 
contribute to this collection to help build a first class repository that 
people will be motivated to use and enhance in the future.

A minimal set of standards have been devised so that contributed objects can 
be loaded into a shared directory and can be used together in a single scene 
file. One easy way to adhere to this standard is to select a unique object 
name and prefix all your file names, variable names, macro names, function 
names etc. with that object name followed by an underscore. For example, the 
prefix 'theearth_' is used for everything in the contribution called 
'TheEarth' (for alternative ways to follow the standards see the guide at 

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