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From: spiffieduu
Subject: render a selection of the render window at full size
Date: 26 Mar 2017 21:25:01
Message: <web.58d868c1da38bfb6825a76d00@news.povray.org>

Is there a way to blow up (and render at a higher resolution) a selection from
the render window? I have a drawing here that, when I change the position of the
camera, makes the results not what I had intended. If I could zoom in via the
display window or some other solution, everything would be super.


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From: Kenneth
Subject: Re: render a selection of the render window at full size
Date: 27 Mar 2017 04:30:00
Message: <web.58d8cd60d3bb8b9a883fb31c0@news.povray.org>
If you're using the Windows version of POV-Ray, here's a simple way to get an
enlarged section of a render:

1) Render the full scene at some low resolution, as a preliminary step, just to
see where you want to zoom into.

2) While that render is still visible in the preview screen, hit the shift key
and hold down the left mouse button, to select a rectangular area of the image
that you want to re-render... or enlarge, in your case. (Nothing happens yet;
this 'saves' the rectangular area's dimensions-- or rather, screen pixel
locations-- of your chosen rectangle, for future renders. A window will pop up,
asking if you want to put those coordinates on Pov-rays's 'command line.' Choose
'yes'. They will remain there until you manually remove them. Another menu may
then appear, asking if you want to re-render the scene immediately. Before you
do so, choose a much *higher* resolution, from your resolution INI file settings
there. This is the important step.

3) Render the image again, and you'll see an enlarged version of only the
rectangular area. (If you want to save *just* that rectangular section as your
final output image, you'll have to crop the resulting FULL image, which is
mostly black. I don't think POV-ray can output only the chosen rectangle.)

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