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30 Jan 2023 08:41:52 EST (-0500)
  Re: "Floor" plane with tiled/checkered image  
From: neri-engineering
Date: 25 Oct 2022 17:50:00
Message: <web.635859e5ba2938175b7d57295087cf4f@news.povray.org>
> Initially, image_map are applied in the X-Y plane.
> To apply them to your floor, you need to rotate it.
> Just add : rotate 90*x
> plane{y,0
>  pigment{image_map {jpeg "wood.jpg" scale Something} rotate 90*x}
> }
> The image will repeat infinitely to cover all of the plane.
> scale Something is used to adjust the size of the image if it's not
> square or need to be larger than a 1x1 repeating tile.

Ah, this makes sense.  I will try that.  The strange behavior I'm seeing is
consistent with your explanation.

Thank you also to the other user who suggested using macros.  I'm not that far
into my studies yet.  I will get there - to using macros that is.

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