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  Re: Length of spline object changes during animation  
From: jr
Date: 17 Aug 2022 18:10:00
Message: <web.62fd65fc70f1e1beecf5a77b6cde94f1@news.povray.org>

"Aj" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> I am pretty new to povray and I have the following code, ...

as you're "new", I take the liberty of a couple of remarks regarding the code.

> Here is my code:

first off, it's good that you've posted an example, always helpful, I think.

when rendering a scene, it pays to read povray's warnings (and pay heed ;-)).
your code should have a '#version' (often the first instruction in the scene),
and a 'global_settings' with 'assumed_gamma'.  the newer version also likes an
'emission 0' when you use 'ambient' in the finish.

your 'union' is meant to include the sphere?  (the program warns about needing
two or more objects)

try to keep things .. simple, eg there are "better" places to apply the 'Scale',

since you're dealing with collections/lists of points/coords, consider using one
or more arrays to store those.  you could then, for instance, write a loop
inside the 'sphere_sweep' declaration to "fill in" the points.  (less
duplication and editing)

> I have been trying to do something like shown in this video:

nice.  hope the "Inverse Kinematics" AM pointed out will help to "get you

regards, jr.

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