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  image map and batch render  
From: Peter bates
Date: 4 Mar 2022 09:35:00
Message: <web.622221a363092888b54f4c53223435db@news.povray.org>
Platfor: in 10
Version: 3.7

Hi  all!

I have 1500 stl files to convert to jpg images. I used stl2inc to create the
files and renamed the objects inside the .inc definitions to the same, to make
the povray script easier.

1) I am using a bmp image of a piece of wood (attached) to imagemap onto a block
for the base of the scene (.pov also attached). This results in a
blurry/stretched image - how can this be fixed?

2) How can I run the same .pov scene file on each .inc file? My idea is: use
python to create .pov files by changing the #define foo.inc line for each inc
file, creating a batch of .pov files that can then be run in Windows batch. Is
there a better way?


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