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  Re: Dark Regions and Reflections Removal  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 9 Dec 2021 21:15:00
Message: <web.61b2b7b264eaca9f1f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"bubble_person" <nomail@nomail> wrote:

> included my code below as I can only attach a single file.

You can attach more than one file if you use a newsreader like Thunderbird.
You can also post your scene in the scene files area with a link to it here, or
just post twice - once with the render illustrating your problem, and again with
your scene file as an attachment.

> Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?

I haven't done a _lot_ with your file, but I just played around with
restructuring some things and see what was where.
Take a look through what I did - I have a #switch block to use a top-down view
with simple textures to get a clear look at your objects, and did some other
things with an array and a macro for your bubbles.
Just change the value of "Render" to "Setup" or "Scene" to see how that works.

I changed some textures and made all the merges unions trying to speed it up -
so you may need to change some of those back.

With the small amount of work I did - I'm thinking that you might need to take a
look at your geometry and make sure everything is sized properly and nests the
way you think it does.

With regard to the speckles, I think what you should try is just differencing
your bubbles away from the gel instead of adding them in as objects with a whole
material definition.   You only need an interior with an ior if it's different
than air.  Think of your bubbles not air bubbles of air - but of spherical
regions where the gel has been subtracted away or excluded.

You need a version number
assumed_gamma in global_settings

doesn't make too much sense to define variables if you're only using the values

I find it very interesting that you successfully instantiate objects without
using the object {} wrapper!  :O
..oO(This scene is never gonna render without an error the way it's written...)
And it DID!

> Thank you all for your support and insights!

These things can always be really tricky - sometimes for quite complex reasons,
but other times for the most ridiculously simple reasons that are hard to see.

I'm thinking that you should "build up" your geometry from the center outwards,
using thickness values rather than distinct radii.   It's simpler (in my mind)
to do it that way without error, and if you ever change a value, everything else
still works because it's already "parameterized".

gel radius + epsilon
gel_radius + epsilon + tube_thickness
gel_radius + epsilon + tube_thickness + epsilon
gel_radius + epsilon + tube_thickness + epsilon + water_thickness


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