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  Re: Transparent Objects Become Black  
From: Kenneth
Date: 12 Nov 2021 12:25:00
Message: <web.618ea1a828696f324cef624e6e066e29@news.povray.org>
"bubble_person" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Hello Kenneth,
> Thank you for all of your sleuthing and the stripped-down example...This
> gives me some good footing to streamline my POV-RAY scripting.

Glad to help. There are many forum users here who can give you good advice, so
don't hesitate to ask even the most basic questions.

By the way: The 'default' attributes and values for a texture{...} are not
easily found in the documentation, and they're not all in one place for easy
look-up as far as I know. And some have changed over time, depending on which
version of POV-ray you are running.

To put it very simply, POV-Ray's default texture{...} has ALL of the many
possible attributes included in it, behind-the-scenes-- but they are set up so
that you see a simple (bland!) pigment{...}, finish{...},  interior{...} etc.
For older versions, the pigment color is opaque black; for newer versions, it's
opaque white (and I'm not exactly sure when that change occurred-- possibly with
v3.7?).  Those are rgbft <0,0,0,0,0> *or* rgbft <1,1,1,0,0>.

So when you manually specify a specific texture{...} for an object, whatever
attributes and values you include there simply override the built-in 'default'
values-- but any remaining non-specified attributes are still there, at their
defaults. That's why you can specify an object with NO manually-attached
texture{...} yet still see the object in your scene.

Also, take a look at the #default{...} keyword in the docs; it's an easy and
time-saving way of setting up any texture attribute OR full texture near the
beginning of a scene file, which is then used for *every* object in your scene
(and you can then override any of the attributes on a per-object basis, as
needed.) Less typing drudgery!  ;-)

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