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  Transparent Objects Become Black  
From: bubble person
Date: 11 Nov 2021 08:10:00
Message: <web.618d154df4d11d43a6f27af47c94cc22@news.povray.org>
Hello Forum,

I am relatively new to POV-RAY, but have a functional script .

I am simulating air bubbles in a glass tube full of gel.  I am running into a
funny problem where, if I add too many bubbles to the script, they go from being
transparent and rendered correctly, to a completely opaque, black object through
which no light shines.

Things that don't seem to work:

1) Increasing the  max_trace_level

2) I have tried to be sure that the inner surface of the gel is not in contact
with the air bubble by reducing the bubble radius by epsilon (.0001).  Oddly
enough, the script with up to 4 bubbles works only when the two surfaces are
coincident, and subtracting an epsilon value (.0001,.001,.01) causes the bubbles
to turn black, no matter the number.

I would love your input on this issue as I am stumped.  I cannot figure out why
this renders without issue when I only have a certain number of objects defined.

The order of my file:

In my scene, centered at the origin, I have bubbles, inside of gel, inside of a
glass tube, inside of water, inside of a plexiglass cylinder.

My code

1) I define variables, set trace level, and place the camera

2) I create a distributed area light source on a rectangular box

3) I define the bubbles I want in the gel

4) I create the glass tube into which the gel will sit

5) I create the gel region with voids into which the bubbles sit.

6) I then add water around the glass tube, and then a plexiglass perimeter.

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