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  Re: How can I fix surface perfections on my render?  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 10 May 2020 08:10:00
Message: <web.5eb7ee7149257b65fb0b41570@news.povray.org>
"circuit" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
I also messed
> around with the radiosity settings according to
> http://wiki.povray.org/content/HowTo:Use_radiosity and the combination seems to
> have done the trick!

Ah yes - Ricky, that was a good catch with the radiosity.   I've seen it before,
but I don't use it often enough, nor as often as I should  ;)

> I seem to have some issues with the rear spindle flashing when the wheel is
> given transparency. How can I prevent this?

It's hard to tell with so few frames, but:
You may be casting a shadow onto that with your 3-armed object.
add no_shadow to whichever part it is
mesh2 {Part39 no_shadow} and see if that fixes it.
or you could add the "shadowless" keyword to your light_source definition and
that won't cast any shadows for anything.
Later, if you want shadows, but don't want THAT shadow, you may have to split
the scene into different "light groups" or something else.

That _looks_ to me like it could be partly the dreaded "coincident surface"
You need a tiny amount of space (> 0.000001 POV units) between scene elements
otherwise how does the renderer "know" which texture to make the pixel where 2
objects are that occupy the same pixel?  There's some digital/coding/floating
point error that plays into that that needs to be accounted for, thus the 1e-6
value as insurance against it.

I think if you're just adding a transmit value, that should be ok.  If you use
filter instead, then you will get oscillations when the thick and thin parts
move across that back piece.  Twice the thickness = twice the filtering.

Also, for preliminary developmental purposes, you may want to decrease the size
of your renders, say to 640x480 or even 320x240, and then crank up the number of
frames you render to give a much smoother animation.   I'd shoot for at least 15
FPS or above for the final render.

> I'm not sure how to attach files,

The way this whole thing is set up, you need to use one of the sections that
allows attachments.    povray.binaries.images (p.b.i) is the usual spot.

Typically, the best way to link threads and perhaps shift the discussion over
there is to post the image first, wait for a bit for the server to process the
image, and then go to your post and copy the link and paste it here in your next

It's looking good so far  :)
Are you running windows?
I know that some folks on here are looking for a functioning modeler, as well as
a way to export to .stl for 3D printing, and they may be interested in how to
set up FreeCAD and what its capabilities are.

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