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  Re: Problems with large RAM installed  
From: Mirfaelltkeinerein
Date: 10 Feb 2020 10:35:01
Message: <web.5e4177c1187cae06ee75e2ca0@news.povray.org>
"Mirfaelltkeinerein" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I experienced a problem after upgrading a server from 1TB RAM to 2TB RAM (yes,
> really RAM) in our dual socket AMD EPYC machine with 48 cores/96 threads under
> Windows Server 2016. If I render a scene with 3500x1750 pixel, half of the cores
> are used (Windows processor group stuff) and the performance is quite nice. If I
> increase the resolution to 3600x1800 pixel (or more), it starts with 48
> threads/24 cores, but performance is bad and after several seconds, just one
> core/thread is doing all the work. Rendering can also not be stopped and runs
> till the end.
> I never experienced such a problem before. Do you have any ideas?

Sorry, I posted the message into the wrong group. Could an Admin move it to the
Windows group?

By the way, it doesn't happen, if I restrict the rendered area to the first 1000
rows for example, so it might be an scheduling issue with the total number of
pixels to be rendered.

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