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  Re: Getting brighter shadow with radiosity  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 6 Oct 2019 10:40:00
Message: <web.5d99fc21699fb6554eec112d0@news.povray.org>
"Warren" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> "Bald Eagle" <cre### [at] netscapenet> wrote: [...]
> Thank you for your answer and the positive appreciation :-D. I will try the
> emission finish argument and the area light components.

Sure thing  :)
I think it's the subject matter and the cloudless sky that really make it so
hard to immediately tell it's a render.

I just posted a scene for Josh where I needed to soften the well-defined shadows
- you could look at that and see how the lighting and finish affects the

That's the other thing you can do - add "finish {diffuse #.#}" to your texture
and that ought to lighten up the shadows significantly.

> By the way, if you like
> that still, I have some more images/stills on my web site here:
> https://www.ant01.fr/index.php/creation/images-povray
> For the instance the only archive files corresponding to the two stills, that
> can be downloaded are:
> -Wild jungle river
> -KaboomRadar
> (just click on the corresponding still thumbnail then search the link on the
> newly open page)

Nice.   The island scene reminds me a bit of what I was trying to work out in
rendering Fearing Island from the Tom Swift Jr. series.   Still need to work on
some of the heightfield stuff and develop a good workflow for processing meshes
of things like helicopters and boats and airplanes....

> Unfortunately some pov or inc files have french 'Values names'/comments. I only
> started to write all in english (or at least I tried :-( ) one or two years ago.
> After all, the keywords in POVRay are all in english and english is the offical
> computing language nowadays.

Well your English is probably just as good - possibly better than mine  ;)
I grew up speaking American english, and haven't ever really _studied_ it.  So
there were often foreign students in graduate school who had a much better grasp
of things like "split infinitives" and other things that I never concerned
myself with.  :D

I had to do a fair amount of digging in the old chemical literature - where
German was the "official chemistry language" for a long time, so I know the
feeling.  Nothing like puzzling over how to make a pyrilium salt from a
Chemische Berichte paper that the librarian obtained for me through
inter-library loan from "the archives" - published in ... 1874, when bonding
theory and all sorts of things weren't exactly completely worked out...
"They want me to do what...?   With a what...?"   :O

Some things in POV-Ray are still like that for me.  :D   ;)

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