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  Re: Feeling overwhelmed  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 12 Jul 2019 14:55:00
Message: <web.5d28d69178ac11584eec112d0@news.povray.org>

There are 25 years worth of scene code posted here and across the internet.
Find a few scenes, look at the code, and copy/paste/edit what you like.
Use the Insert Menu, the scene files provided as part of the POV-Ray install,
the Object Collection, etc.


Save early, save often.  With a different filename.  :)
Meaning, once you have something that WORKS, save it as SceneFile_V1.0.pov and
then start editing it and saving the changes as _V1.1, _V1.2, etc.
That way you don't overwrite your successes and have to start from scratch.

Not to overwhelm you any more, but just to give you an idea of the many ways the
same thing can be accomplished:

You can also use a #switch - #case/#range - #break - #end block to have a number
of different scenes all with the same common elements.
Or write a simple basic scene with lights background sky_sphere.
Save that as basic.pov
Then write some code that makes a chessboard.
save that as chessboard.inc
then a pawn.  Pawn.inc

Then you can open basic.pov, add
#include "chessboard.inc"
#include "pawn.inc"

and save it as ChessboardWIP.pov

The point is, if one way sucks for you and is frustrating, stop and try at least
to see if there is one other way to accomplish the same thing.

But really, just have fun.  :)

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