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  Need help for improving my scene  
From: mathzhaoliang
Date: 8 Mar 2018 02:25:01
Message: <web.5aa0e48df2446f7ff40ebf290@news.povray.org>
This is my work here:


I'm not very satified with it because I think it's not as realistic as I want. I
tried to reproduce the image here:


but my work is still not as good as there. One problem may be with the "grout",
I used plain White plane and

{ ambient 0.1 diffuse 0.6 specular 0.6 roughness 0.1}

(the author of that image used a natural bump map image)

But it's too hard for me to make the tile rounded at the edges and make the
grouts look real

And some other problem may be with my lights, finish of the tiles, etc.

The souce file is on github:


I hope you could help me improve it!

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