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  Re: Smooth circular rotation using spline  
From: SecondCup
Date: 25 Oct 2016 15:15:01
Message: <web.580fade434f9ab4bbe6b2e390@news.povray.org>
I suppose the thing to do is to define / explain / show the parts of the
> rotation where you want that to occur, and how fast or slow you want it to go,
> and if you want smooth or abrupt transitions.
Maybe a comment or two about WHY you want to slow down / speed up the camera to
> highlight or skip over some feature(s) would be helpful in assisting define a
> better camera path for you.

I'm creating an underground video of an orebody where I dip underground swing
around and look at the details of the orebody. Some parts of it are more
detailed/important than others so I would like the camera to slow down when
these important parts come into view.

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