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  Convert a solid to something pov-ray can read  
From: SecondCup
Date: 15 Sep 2016 20:35:05
Message: <web.57db3deb40043d07f17efbc0@news.povray.org>
Hi All,

I'm trying to render a scene in pov ray of a real life mineral ore body. The ore
body has been made and is a complicated wireframe modeled in a mining software
in .dxf format. What is the best way to convert this to something pov-ray can
read, where I can then use the program to adjust the textures, colors and the
usual stuff once its placed where I want it.

Ive downloaded 'PoseRay' by FlyerX and had played with this for a while but I'm
wondering if there is something that can make it a little easier to import.

It doesn't have to be .dxf, if someone knows and easier format that pov-ray
likes while retaining its detail, I'm willing to try this too.

Apologies for the repeat question, but I've tried multiple links provided on the
'resources: Conversion utilities' page and many appear to be not in use anymore.

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