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  Re: image_map > solid object  
From: Paul
Date: 3 May 2016 09:50:00
Message: <web.5728ac632da27c237b8901bc0@news.povray.org>
> I would use CSG. The way I would try it is to use heightfields.
> Fortunately you have only two colours. So separate your image into green
> and red images. Change the white to black and get rid of the
> transparency. Then reduce the colour depth to two colours, black and white.
> Create a merge of a heightfield and one of the images. That should give
> you one of the shapes. Do the same with the other image.
> You can use the water level in the heightfield to remove the base.
> You will end up with two objects that are open. To close them place a
> scaled copy (very small in one dimension to make it thin) of the merge
> as an end cap.
> It may sound complicated but once you have got the idea. It is quite simple.
> --
> Regards
>      Stephen

Like I said, this example PNG is very simple, 2 colors indeed.
But I have others with many colors, more complicated shapes, not so easy to
separate colors/shapes.
Also, heightfield does not produce the quality I need, I used them a long time
ago and they are not very smooth and sharp.

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