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  Should Parsing really take that long? How to speed it up?  
From: ILM
Date: 4 Dec 2015 09:00:01
Message: <web.56619c2849323796e208c8060@news.povray.org>
Hi there,

first of all: some background informations. I not a designer or graphics artist.
I am working with an simulation software that has an option to export the
simulation as a video. Therefor it creates 25 pictures per second and saves them
as .pov.

For me Pov-Ray is a blackbox. I put in the .pov files and get out an .jpg.

My problem is, that scaling up the cpu count of my render machine the pure
render time decreases. BUT parsing still takes "forever". In my case parsing
takes about 10 minutes per picture while the render process takes less than a

Is this a normal phenomen?

I am using the windows version of pov-ray.

While parsing the console all over shows the following message:
"Possible Parse Error: PNG input image default gamma handling has changes for
pre POV-Ray 3.7 scenes; results may diffe from original intention. see the
documentation for more details."

Would it maybe help even help to stop logging this error to the console every
time? If yes how can i do this? Or how can I solve the error itself?

Thanks for you help!

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