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  Re: Dumb newbie here! How to use PovRay  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 26 Oct 2023 15:27:42
Message: <653abdae$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2023-10-26 à 04:45, Archadas a écrit :
> Hello everyone.
> I need to solve how to usue raytracing on my 3d .obj models and get result and
> use those results in RaySAR.
> So first thing is i need to understand how to use PovRay. I am someone who
> doesnt have any knowledge about coding, neither matlab or python etc.
> Im having a hard time understanding how to use it. Is there any walkthrough or
> video shows how to use PovRay and get the results ?
> Im sorry if i missed any topic in the website, im just newbie here.
> Thank you so much in advance
> Archadas

First thing : Get in the tutorial that come with POV-Ray and follow it. 
It's part of the included help file. Open the help and look for the 
second item : POV-Ray Tutorial | Getting Started.

It starts with some basic principles and some very simple scenes for you 
to type in and render. Then, change something, render again and see the 
change. Take your time. Don't be afraid to experiment.
It progressively get you to create some more complex and detailed scenes 
and images.

Enter the following in the editor and click the «Run» button.

#version 3.7;
  #include "colors.inc"
// The include files contain basic colour definitions
// A simple pinhole camera
   camera {
     location <0, 2, -3>
     look_at  <0, 1,  2>
// A plain yellow sphere
   sphere {
     <0, 1, 2>, 2
     texture {
       pigment { Yellow }
// Let shed some light in the sphere
light_source { <2, 4, -3> White}

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