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  Re: Degree symbol  
From: Thorsten
Date: 14 Sep 2023 14:34:41
Message: <65035241$1@news.povray.org>
On 14.09.2023 15:31, jr wrote:
> hi,
> kurtz le pirate <kur### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Cannot use degrees "°" symbol in POV. In UTF8, the code is 176/0xB0.
>> ...
>> The sign never appears...
>> Any help ?
> no help (sorry), just confirmation that the same is true for beta.2 (without
> graphical i/f, self-compiled, on a Linux box), I can render the char to appear
> in an image[*], but cannot get it to file or console.
> [*] interestingly, 'povray' shows a different gylph (infinity, number 8
> rotated), while WFP's 'povr' displays the degree symbol.

The Unicode handling in POV-Ray for fonts is rather old and had to work 
with a lot of buggy fonts back in prehistoric times (read: 2007). Hence 
it on the one hand doesn't know all the font options and on the other 
hand the one it selects to find the character may be the wrong one or 
just broken or incomplete in that particular font.


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