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  Re: Image function  
From: kurtz le pirate
Date: 29 May 2023 12:10:57
Message: <6474ce91@news.povray.org>
On 28/05/2023 22:06, Bald Eagle wrote:
> Once again, I'm asking WHY?


I didn't describe what I wanted to do very well.
I'll try to be clearer.

a) I recover the color of a point <x,0,z> of a source image.
b) I transform this point into a new point <x1,0,z1>.
c) I give this new point the color taken in a)

In fact, I already have a code that does this, but only with the checker
pattern. Not very sexy !

For the moment the plan is drawn like this :
plane {
  pigment { function { fnPigment(x,z) } }

hence my request for a function()

Instead of the checker, the original distorted image.

The "geometric" transformation is the result of applying function.
Two examples with f(z) = z^2 and f(z) = sin(z)/(z+1).

Brighter ?

ps : I'm going to watch "Eval_pigmentTest_carpet.pov". Thanks Thomas

Kurtz le pirate
Compagnie de la Banquise

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