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  Re: import point cloud data in POV-Ray  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 15 Aug 2022 11:30:58
Message: <62fa66b2@news.povray.org>
Le 15/08/2022 à 07:40, Tako a écrit :
> I generated a dense point cloud data for the forest scenario(.las format), how
> can
> I import the point cloud data of the forest in POV-ray, or what type of object
> do I need to define the point cloud data as?

what do you want to visualize ?

Looking up for las format, I found lidar related data, is that correct ?


Which of the eleven point data format did you use ?

You are of course aware that the header of the file *does* scale and 
move the points ?

It's a binary format, not the best one to work with (first of all, 
endianess is not always the same everywhere)

Save some time, here are the 11 variants:

     0: Core-0. 20 bytes. Includes x,y,z values, intensity of pulse 
return, return identification, classification (see below), scan angle, 
and identifier for the source for this point data, if derived from an 
earlier dataset.
     1: Core-0 + GPS time
     2: Core-0 + three 16-bit color channels
     3: Core-0 + GPS time and three 16-bit color channels
     4: Type 1 + wave packets. Wave packets may be stored in the file or 
in an auxiliary file with the same name and extension .wdp.
     5: Type 3 + wave packets
     6: Core-6 (allowing more bits for return data, and making GPS time 
     7: Core-6 + three 16-bit color channels
     8: Type 7 + NIR (near infra-red) channel
     9: Core-6 + wave packets
     10: Type 9 + three color channels and NIR channel.


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