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  Re: Area_light and Rendering Dark Regions after Animation  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 3 Dec 2021 11:32:46
Message: <61aa46ae$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2021-12-03 à 07:39, bubble_person a écrit :
> Hello Forum,
> I recently posted about about trying to simulate bubbles in a tube and received
> a lot of great feedback on my scripting approach!  I've made changes to my
> previous setup to clean it up, but have two outstanding questions/issues.  The
> first is on the area_light function, and the second is an issue that I am having
> when rendering my new script.
> 1) Area_light:
> In my last discussion, I received some great feedback on the area_light
> function, but I am still having some issues with it in concept.  In my script, I
> want to create a diffuse backlight for my scene.  I am trying to recreate the
> effect of having a bright light shining through transparent objects directly
> into my camera.  to do this, I am beginning by defining an area_light with the
> following characteristics:

For that effect, you'd be better using the back lighting feature. It's a 
finish element. It use the definition for the diffuse component, but 
using TWO values. The first is the front diffuse value, and the second 
control the amount of light diffusely transmitted.
It works like this :
finish{ diffuse 0.1, 0.7 }

For what you want, the best way would be to have a polygon some distance 
in front of the light.

Another way using a box is to use the interior texture to give the 
inside of the box a totally transparent pigment.
box{Corner1, Corner2 texture{ Whatever_Texture_You_Want}
		interior_texture{ pigment { rgbt 1 }}

If you are using radiosity, then, the interior_texture is not needed, 
but you need to increase the recursion_limit by +1 over the value that 
you would otherwise use.

> PlexCyl

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