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  Re: Getting brighter shadow with radiosity  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 6 Oct 2019 15:48:40
Message: <5d9a4518$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2019-10-06 à 07:07, Warren a écrit :
> Hi/Hello
> Recently, I've been modifying a scene I created some time ago that outputs the
> following image:
> https://www.ant01.fr/images/imgAnt01/povray/radarKaboom_1280.png
> which is inspired from this image:
> I tried to get shadows that are brighter like on the source image but the only
> trick that works for that purpose was to add a second light source with the
> 'shadowless' keyword (inspired a little from three light point sources technique
> for 3d scenes, the shadowless light source is on the side of the sene by
> comparison with the light that casts shadows). I tried with a single light
> source with the following for the color: 'color srgb <1, 1, 0.95>*1.2' but the
> resulting shadows are too black. Of course all this imply using radiosity, so
> the ambient value must be set to 0 (I use the 3.8 version of povray, so I don't
> need to set ambient values to 0 with the '#default' keyword. I saw on the povray
> radiosity wiki page that recursion_limit can change the indirectly-lit object
> but I didn't see any changes by setting this value to 3 or 4
> So my question is how do you get bright shadows with radiosity ? Do you use
> several light sources or do you have others techniques ?
One thing that you can do :
Have a sky_sphere with the sky as you like it.


Now, add a large sphere around your scene, Give it the same texture as 
your sky_sphere, but with a high emission finish :

sphere{0,1 // So that you don't need to scale your pigment
  finish{diffuse 0 emission 3}
  // Don't interact with lights, but make it bright !
  scale 10000 // make it large
  hollow // to remove a warning and allow the use of media & fog
  no_image no_reflection // So that it don't show

That's not the only option.

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