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  Re: angle of incidence of rays of light  
From: Alain
Date: 29 Sep 2018 12:34:51
Message: <5bafa9ab$1@news.povray.org>
Le 18-09-28 à 03:16, ttyUSB0 a écrit :
> Thank you, clipka and Jim.
> I want to model not a three-dimensional, but a flat object. Like polygon, or
> mesh/mesh2.
> Directive
> pigment{aoi}
> works well, surface color depends of angle of incidence, but shadow is always
> the same.
> I cant found, how to make my surface cast semi-transparent shadows.
> Keywords 'transmit' and 'filter' works only with 'color'. How to make texture
> transparent?

You can add «transmit Value» or «filter Value» after the pigment.
You can also use rgbt, rgbf or rgbft to definne your pigment :
rgb<R, G, B>
rgbt<R, G, B, Transmit>
rgbf<R, G, B, Filter>
rgbft<R, G, B, Filter, Transmit>

When using filter and transmit, always make sure that (filter + 
transmit) <= 1

The «color» or «colour» keyword is always optional unless you use this 
obsolete construction :
colour red RedValue green GreenValue blue BlueValue

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