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  Re: Convert a solid to something pov-ray can read  
From: Stephen
Date: 19 Sep 2016 14:13:02
Message: <57e02aae$1@news.povray.org>
On 9/19/2016 6:09 PM, SecondCup wrote:
> Thanks Scott.
> I'm not sure how familiar you are with PoseRay but it renders the wireframe
> (whether a .dxf or .obj) as a kind of a snapshot of the solid as it is on the
> screen at the time of rendering. Then when you run the .pov, it produces a black
> and white shaded image of the solid and exports it as a .png too. When run in
> pov-ray, its a badly pixelated shaded surface
> In summary, its not producing the wireframe as a true solid the way it is when
> viewed as a .dxf or .obj in other software. I'm probably not explaining my self
> very well, but I can provide all the files if you want

Just a thought. A wireframe is not a solid it is just the edges as far 
as I understand it.

When I use PoseRay. I do not allow it to render the scene but export the 
geometry and material then import it into Bishop3D* to work on it and 
view it in openGL.

Bishop3D is a modeller for PovRay which is now free but only works with 
PovRay Ver 3.6
Also you would need to use an older version of PoseRay ver or 
Bishop3D will not be able to import it.



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