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  Re: Metal textures  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 12 Dec 2015 11:24:57
Message: <566c4a59$1@news.povray.org>
On 12/11/2015 01:39 PM, aradan.d wrote:
> Thanks for this. I will try the RC3Metal.
> Clipka also gave very good tips for getting metal finishes, so I will also
> follow them.
> In the object collection, most of the files are very old, are there
> more recent resources on Povray? I have googled a lot, but most of
> the webpages are from the early 2000s and look outdated :(

How about a short set of web sites I reference old and new. :-)

Like any tool around a long time, many POV-Ray reference sites have been 
around a while too & that is OK. Much of the old information is still 
valid. Remember too, there are users still running versions earlier than 
3.7. The difficultly, of course, is in some places like gamma, color 
space handling & finish, things have changed for the better over time & 
if running the latest code, often some adaptation of the older 
references is required.

An overview of the 3.7 changes can be found in the documentation : 

--- Some ref sites
    (See too http://earth.imagico.de/main.php because it's cool)

There are too some youtube tutorial videos, but I confess to never 
having viewed them being an older user.

--- Old/New Image competitions - often with source code / how created 
http://www.irtc.org/  Dead, but has links to old images & files.

--- Don't forget http://www.povray.org wiki etc. Especially use the site 

Much information is posted to various news groups and in addition to the 
web search above these can searched with newsreader tools like Thunderbird.

For example, a povray.binaries.scene-files post I've been working 
through over the past year plus is Norbert Kern's 300(+) Materials posting.


Norbert has compiled a great many useful textures from years past in one 
place. It's a great reference. Further, he's done an admirable job of 
moving many old materials/textures - including some metals - into the 
3.7 realm. That said, he uses the older style 2.2 gamma by default and 
not all materials I've tried map well to a working gamma of 1.0.

I'm hinting through this last example that even new/3.7 references often 
enough require tweaking for use in any particular scene in POV-Ray.

Hope something in my rambling a help.

Bill P.

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