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  Re: Metal textures  
From: clipka
Date: 11 Dec 2015 10:37:56
Message: <566aedd4$1@news.povray.org>
Am 11.12.2015 um 10:27 schrieb aradan.d:
> Hi,
> is there a webpage where I can learn how to make more realistic metal textures?
> I was trying to do

The essence of getting realistic metal textures can be summed up in
three rules:

#1: Create some environment for the texture to reflect.
#2: Create *more* environment for the texture to reflect.
#3: Make the texture reflective.

Aside from that, there are some things that can improve the realism of
the texture:

#4: Use the "metallic" keyword, both in the "finish" block itself and in
the "reflection" block.

#5: Explicitly use "ambient 0", and use "emission 0" (which is the
default for the latter setting). If you think any other value for these
parameters makes your texture look metallic, it is probably a hint that
you didn't follow rule #2 properly.

#6: Use "specular albedo X" rather than just "specular X"; this makes it
much more easy to follow the next rule.

#7: Make sure the "specular" parameter matches the "reflection"
parameter; if you're using the "specular albedo" construct, both the
specular and reflection parameter should have the same value.

#8: Make sure the dullness of the specular highlights matches that of
the reflections. If you're using UberPOV, this means that you should
specify "roughness" in the "reflection" block as well, using the same
value as in the "finish" block; if you're using regular POV-Ray, it
means that you should ideally specify a very low "roughness", and use
some different mechanism if you want to achieve a less polished look
(ask about "micronormals" or "macronormals"). Alternatively and only as
a last resort, ditch the reflection and highlights altogether and use
only diffuse instead, going for a very dull look.

#9: Explicitly use "diffuse 0", unless you're trying to wiggle your way
around rule #8.

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