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  Re: Candle light  
From: Ken
Date: 25 Oct 1998 12:45:52
Message: <363363A5.9E6F4FCA@pacbell.net>
Patrick Hagerty wrote:

> Ken,
>     I'm also interested in a semi-realistic (or better) flame and I looked
> for the example scene you mentioned, but there doesn't seem to be any such
> object.  I have also taken the time to render all of the examples shipped
> with POV and used a graphical image browser and don't see any that have
> anything that looks like a flame in them.
> If I've overlooked something, I'd appreciate being set straight.
> Thanks,
> Patrick Hagerty
> pat### [at] hagwarecom

The file I was referencing was included with the 3.0x version of Pov-Ray.
Halos have been discontinues in the 3.1 version and as a consequence
the example was removed. There is an example of producing flames by
Dan Connelly posted to the povray.binaries.images group. It dates back
to some time around 9/25/98.  This example uses the new media feature
in v3.1 and is worth looking at. While not useful as a candle flame perhaps
it can get you going in the right direction.

Ken Tyler

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