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From: Wolf
Subject: PovClipse 1.0.1 released
Date: 3 Nov 2007 08:35:01
Message: <web.472c7899c532ef70edd244720@news.povray.org>

PovClipse, the free Eclipse plugin for Povray and MegaPOV, is available in
version 1.0.1.

The most important new features since 1.0.0 are:
Render Messages View:
    => Clicking on a line having a magnifier icon opens the file
       mentioned in the text and moves the cursor to the indicated line.
       This allows jumping directly to the error line indicated by Povray.
Editor performance:
    => Refreshing the Outline view after file changes tended to be
       very slow for big files. A massive performance increase
       for this part could be accomplished.
Outline View: New entry types:
    => #switch, #while
    => #fopen, #fclose, #read, #write
Bug fixes:
    => Outline view messed-up hierarchy levels if the characters
       ' or " were used within comments.
    => Corrected some typos in the English translation

Please see the history page ( http://povclipse.sourceforge.net ) for the
complete list of new features.

As usual, please use the Eclipse update mechanism to install or update PovClipse
as described on the PovClipse homepage ( http://povclipse.sourceforge.net ) in
section "Installation".
Do not download the source ZIP located on the Sourceforge project page as it
does not contain the binaries, only the sources are in there!

Have fun with PovClipse!

Best regards,

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