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From: Wolf
Subject: PovClipse 1.0.0 released!
Date: 16 Sep 2007 14:50:00
Message: <web.46ed79fef2563c0edd244720@news.povray.org>

PovClipse, the free Eclipse plugin for Povray and MegaPOV, has hit the major
release 1.0.0!

The most important new features since 0.7.2 are:
=> New official PovClipse Logo: The Povclipse Logo challenge was won by
Sebastian Sanabria Diaz, his logo submission is used as the official
PovClipse logo.
=> Project managment:
      * Project creation wizard including project folder layout management
      * Export of projects into an ZIP / TAR / TGZ archive
      * Import of projects from an ZIP / TAR / TGZ archive or from a folder
      * Povray default library path contains the scene- and include project
layout folder
=> Render configurations: partial renderings can now be specified using
Pixel or percentage values, previously only percentages were supported.
=> Outline View: new entry types #if, #ifdef, #ifndef
=> Bugfixes

Please see the history page ( http://povclipse.sourceforge.net ) for the
complete list of new features.

As usual, please use the Eclipse update mechanism to install PovClipse as
described on the PovClipse homepage ( http://povclipse.sourceforge.net ) in
section "Installation".
Do not download the source ZIP located on the Sourceforge project page as it
does not contain the binaries, only the sources are in there!

Have fun with PovClipse!

Best regards,

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