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  LionSnake 1.7.12 released (Message 1 to 1 of 1)  
From: John VanSickle
Subject: LionSnake 1.7.12 released
Date: 14 Feb 2009 17:08:50
Message: <499740f2$1@news.povray.org>
Changes since version 1.7.11:

# The subdivision preview now approximates (pretty much) the final 
subdivision level. The refinement of this preview can be set from a menu 
# A lot of the time, Bones were too being drawn too small to be of much 
use. Fixed.
# When Bone display was on, and there were Bones in the model, many of 
the on-screen objects would not highlight when the mouse rolled over 
them. Fixed.
# You can insert a cube from the main menu or the context menu. The cube 
runs from <-1,-1,-1> to <1,1,1> and its edges are parallel to the 
coordinate axes.
# You can now extrude or inset a single face (from an item in its 
context menu). A gadget appears that allows you to adjust the amount of 
extrusion or the scaling of insetting.
# The gadgets for Bone scaling and Bone translation now look and operate 
# The display is now drawn with anti-aliasing, to improve its overall 
# Some of the global variables have been moved to a class built for 
holding application-wide data. This currently has no effect on the user 
experience, and was instituted in order to support an upcoming feature.
# The dotted lines that once showed Bone dependency have been returned 
to service.
# Building the skeleton has changed quite a bit. While in this mode, the 
most recently-created Bone will turn as the mouse moves, and clicking on 
an existing Bone will cause that Bone to be made the parent of the next 
Bone created while in Bone adding mode. The mode for adding bones can 
now be entered from the context menu for the highlighted bone.
# When the mouse is over the end knob of a Bone, the rotation gadget for 
that Bone will be displayed. If you make any use of this gadget, it will 
remain visible and usable until you right-click it away.

As always, the application and source can be downloaded from:



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