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From: John VanSickle
Subject: LionSnake 1.7.5 Avalable for Download
Date: 9 Mar 2008 14:40:49
Message: <47d43d41@news.povray.org>
Changes since previous version:

* After re-parenting Bones, editing the properties of a Face, or 
subdividing any part of the mesh, the attachment of Vertices to Bones 
was forgotten. Fixed.
* After making a chain of Bones, the very last Bone could not be 
highlighted until one of the others was dragged or otherwise edited. Fixed.
* The .inc files exported to POV-Ray invoked a macro from the previous 
version of the subdivision surface macros. Fixed.
* I changed the background color from black to middle gray, and changed 
the gridlines to match.
* In mesh adding mode, when the user includes an existing vertex in the 
circuit of edges, the view point shifts so that Vertices added after 
this point are at the same depth as the existing point.
* I have taken more steps along the path from C to C++, mainly in order 
to eliminate global variables and stuff like that. People who nose 
around in the sources will observe the appearance of appdata.h and 
appdata.cpp, which declare and implement a class consisting of static 
variables to hold the data that applies to the entire application.

As always, the download can be found at:



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