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From: John VanSickle
Subject: LionSnake 1.7.3 is up there now
Date: 29 Feb 2008 21:09:28
Message: <47c8bad8@news.povray.org>
The only user who ever e-mails me found three bugs, and I found two 
more, and I enhanced one of the features:

* Merging vertices often created an orphan edge that was not always 
deleted. Fixed.
* The vertex merge operation was allowing more than two faces to border 
on an edge. Fixed.
* When adding Bones to the model, if you add more than one Bone, each 
Bone is parented to the one created before it.
* The .obj import feature was ignoring the .mtl file specified in the 
.obj file. Fixed.
* The .obj import feature was treating blank lines as the end of .obj 
and .mtl files. Fixed.
* The .obj export feature was not properly writing the filepath for .mtl 
files in the mtllib statement when the filepath for the .obj file 
contained more than one period in it. Fixed.

The download as always can be found at:



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