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From: John VanSickle
Subject: LionSnake v1.2 uploaded
Date: 29 May 2004 02:15:41
Message: <40B82A8C.55F42CE4@hotmail.com>
I made some changes:

* The range limits have been replaced with simple locking of parameters,
and the export INC files no longer have any range limits, either.  I'm going to let
the animator
control things...

* I added a toolbar, and moved most of the key+mouse combos there.  The user interface
is more
one-handed now.

* I fixed a minor bug which caused certain context menus to be displayed away from the
pointer (caused by an inconsistency in the way Windows gives the mouse coordinates for

* There are now three kinds of parts (which differ by the way they flex around their
base point).

* I fixed a bug in the INC file export, which caused part names to be added where they

* I fixed a bug in the tint selection box, which was preventing the tint from being

Also, my web host's server appears to be working properly now.  But just
in case, I've posted the archive to povray.binaries.utilities.


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