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From: Gena Obukhov
Subject: POV-Tree 1.1
Date: 7 Jul 2003 23:33:53
Message: <3F0A39A9.1229B846@mail.com>
I've finished new version of POV-Tree. New features:

- icons for leaf type
- more predefined mesh leaves. Now you have leaves from
  one triangle up to 24 triangles.
- custom mesh leaf. You can develop your own mesh leaf in
  POV-Ray and then just cut and paste all triangles into POV-Tree.
  And it will be used by mesh tree generator.
- added three new examples - maple, willow, linden
- bug fixes

I also included TOMTREEm.inc into distribution. This is modified
TOMTREE macro which works about 6-7 times faster.

See example trees and screenshots in p.b.images.

Right now you can POV-Tree here:

Later on I'll update all my homepages and you'll find it in usual

If you'll face any problem with POV-Tree please let me know.


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