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  New Mac Maze software with POV-Ray scene export  
From: SchwanSongs
Date: 8 Mar 2022 12:25:00
Message: <web.62278f2dc23a6d93c579158dcbea5c9@news.povray.org>
I am excited to announce that I have just published "Minos Maze Maker",
a brand new Macintosh software application for generating myriad styles of
beautiful mazes, for printing or publishing in your own newsletters or books.
And, it has a POV-Ray scene-file EXPORT option, so you can turn your maze into
a POV-Ray rendered image or animation.

* Shapes and Sizes - Choose from many built-in maze shapes, several cell shapes,
and the mazes can range in size from as small as 5x5 up to 50x50.

* MazePhrase Mode - Add a word or phrase, and it will be laid along the solution
path.  The rest of the maze will be filled with letters from your phrase, but
only the solution path will contain the entire correct phrase.

* Custom Detailing - Personalize your mazes by choosing your own wall colors,
thickness, and wiggliness, move the start and end spots anywhere, choose
different solution path display styles, etc.

* Royalty-Free - You can export high-quality maze and solution images into your
classroom handouts.

* Pretty Brainy - These are not just pretty mazes though, underneath is a
maze-generator with a novel maze-building algorithm.
Just slide the "Difficulty to Solve" setting to create easy, difficult,
or diabolical mazes.

* Try-it-First - There is a "Lite" version of the software you can download for
free, and see how it works before you buy it.

It is available now on the Mac App Store for $14.99 USD, and you can download
"Lite" version for free to get a feel for it first if you like.

You can read up on all its features and find links to download it on its product
web page here:

Eduard Schwan

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