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  Re: Blender and Povray: unofficial version  
From: LanuHum
Date: 28 Sep 2013 13:20:00
Message: <web.52470f34c7abac957a3e03fe0@news.povray.org>
Stephen <mca### [at] aolcom> wrote:

> True but I should not need to do that and everything you need to run
> something should be included with the package. Or mentioned.
> Documentation is very important.
> --
> Regards
>      Stephen

Yes, sorry!
But my version is development.
Addon will have the include folder where external inc-files and internal
inc-files will take place also.
Will probably(well) write down models in the inc files later.Will add button
"create include"
It will clear the 3D viewport :)

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