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  Beats From Space - A Short Music Video  
From: Vincent Stahl
Date: 5 Jul 2013 00:50:05
Message: <web.51d64f934c28b61eb9ae0d30@news.povray.org>
I created a 3 minutes HD music video called "Beats From Space"
which was rendered completely with POV-Ray.


It is a flight through surrealistic, meditative landscapes and outer space,
filled with fractal forms and a Death Star like Steel Moon made from
thousands of metallic pipes. Objects were created by self-written
geometry generators in the POV-Ray scripting language and Java.

The background music is my electronic track "Voco Moon",
a slow but intense hammering beat that underlines the cosmic atmosphere.

Best regards,
Vincent Stahl

multimedia artist
Stuttgart, Germany

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