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  Re: New two-hour movie on Chaos made in Povray.  
From: MichaelJF
Date: 11 Jan 2013 16:40:01
Message: <web.50f0863ad972d4ee1472502b0@news.povray.org>
Yes the teaser is wonderful. I tried to download the whole movie and first
recognised that I have to use bit torrent and then that they implement their own
page as my new home page and didn't allow to change it back. A simple
deinstallation of this bit torrent stuff allowed me to restore my favourite home
page, which is not news.povray.org but the German wikipedia, so I will not come
into the pleasure to look at the whole video, since I will not have this bit
torrent pirate software again. But really a wonderful work. Interesting choice
of European languages... (No real criticism, just an observation by a German).

Best regards,

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